Sunday 10 August 2014

Still Alive (again)

Things have been quiet lately for me beer wise, and I don't really want to fill up this blog with low content nothing posts so I haven't posted much recently. But you'll be pleased to know things will be picking up in the next few weeks which means I'll be back to more regular updates. The Great British Beer Festival kicks off on Tuesday, and I'll be visiting on Wednesday. I may even attempt some live blogging, and even if I don't I'll be sure to keep you informed of all the beers I'm guzzling via Twitter. Then on Sunday I'll be going to Woodie's annual beer festival. This friendly boozer housed in a former sports club in New Malden is going through refurbishment I'm looking forward to dropping by. The week after that I'll be trying to make it to the Orpington Liberal Club beer festival. I've had good things about the place and hopefully I can finally make a visit - I'll try and leave my Tory tendencies at the door. So don't give up on this blog just yet! Rest assured I'll be "enthralling" you with my beery reports over the next few weeks. See you next Sunday!

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